COPLINK X - Customer Testimonials

US County Sheriff’s Office badge

Mobile access to COPLINK enables an individual officer to do the work that once would have taken two or three people: the dispatcher, an analyst and perhaps even a detective to obtain the information in the field.

US County Sheriff’s Office
U.S. Department of Justice badge

It’s about time someone came up with this. It’s incredible.

Special Agent in Charge
U.S. Department of Justice
Oakland Police Department badge

Forensic Logic* is the heart and soul of our IT, search, analysis and reporting across all of our databases. We’d be lost without it.

Senior Command Staff Member
Oakland Police Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation badge

It is becoming increasingly impossible for us to do our jobs without the information in Forensic Logic*.

Supervisory Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Oakland Police Department badge

Forensic Logic* has been a valuable tool in Oakland’s Ceasefire and intelligence-based strategies. Forensic Logic* allowed us to track and identify conflicts keeping us focused on the very small part of the population that was driving the violence. As a result, gun violence dropped by nearly 50% in five years while our negative footprint on the community shrunk. With the help of Forensic Logic*, Oakland was able to make the City a safer place and improve its relationship with the community at the same time.

Rich Niven
Lieutenant (ret) – Oakland Police Department
ATF badge

After 25 years of service as an ATF Agent with a primary focus on illicit firearms trafficking and violent street gangs, I’m well versed in the tools utilized for firearms enforcement. Forensic Logic* is a critical tool in fighting violent gun crime as it puts all pieces of information together to help investigators see the whole picture, identify the offender and bring them to justice.

Todd Reichert
Special Agent (ret) – ATF
Kansas City Police Department badge

I originally did not feel confident with the information provided to me but ended up with a success because of COPLINK X

Logan Konopasek
Analyst – Kansas City Police Department
Cobb County Police Department badge

COPLINK X assisted me with searching our own records when the program was in its infancy. I was able to locate over 500 reports related to an investigation I was working and using COPLINK X I was able to easily sift through what was important and what was not.

Jeremy Melton
Sergeant – Cobb County Police Department
Cobb County Police Department badge

I greatly appreciate the simplicity of the search functions. COPLINK X’s searching power is consistently quicker and easier than using the native search function in our agency’s RMS that I stopped searching our records internally and use COPLINK X to search for our own reports or persons. This has expedited my ability to find data without waiting for our system to maybe return the result I needed, while also searching neighboring agencies and linking me to data that assists our investigations. COPLINK X is vital to our day-to-day investigations.

Detective Barday
Investigator – Cobb County Police Department
Houston Police Department badge

I recently got a phone call from the Dallas PD for info on a murder suspect that was supposed to be from Houston. They had his identity and an Instagram but couldn’t find any info on him to verify his identity. We had no history of him in our records even though he did appear to be currently living in Houston. I ran him through COPLINK X and found a ton of info on him in Kansas and Missouri with a lot of photos of his tattoos that I was able to verify with the photos on his Instagram. Would never have any of that info without COPLINK X!

Meghan Stepp
Analyst – Houston Police Department

*Forensic Logic was acquired by ShotSpotter in early 2022.

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