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The Impact of Gun Violence in Your Community

Gun violence negatively impacts many communities. In some areas it is pervasive and others less common, but the cost to our society goes far beyond the homicides and wounded victims and their families. Gunfire-related crimes have a major economic impact. According to a 2016 study by the Urban Institute, when gunfire happens in a community, property values decline and business owners move out, creating a vicious cycle of low economic growth, fewer employment opportunities, and more gun violence. Investing in a gun violence reduction program saves lives, improves quality of life, and yields a positive economic return on investment.

Mayors discuss how ShotSpotter helps make their communities safer

We’ve seen ShotSpotter save lives in our communities, and for those communities throughout America that have to deal with urban violence, it is really an important tool for your police department to have. It saves lives. It also helps to solve crimes.


Isn’t ShotSpotter just for dense urban cities with lots of gun violence?

No. While ShotSpotter supports several of the largest cities in the US, more than a quarter of the customer base are cities with a population of less than 50,000 residents.
In 2011, ShotSpotter introduced a simple, affordable subscription service that is managed for the customer, easily deployed and does not require extensive upfront costs. Agencies simply receive alerts with precise coordinates of the gunfire. No Analysis or IT integration is required.

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