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What It Means to Have a Partnership with IACLEA

I am excited to announce that SST, Inc. is now an official Corporate Partner of the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) organization.  This is a significant partnership and we are thrilled to be associated with the leading voice for the campus safety community, in our efforts to reduce gun violence on university and college campuses.

This is a natural partnership as IACLEA’s mission is one that closely aligns with our own. Both SST and IACLEA are on the same path to enhance student and campus safety so that they can focus on what’s important, education. IACLEA is a leader in campus safety, having a strong membership with leaders from campuses across the globe.  We hope to learn more about the challenges campus law enforcement face and how we can help address those challenges through technology and information bringing our years of experience and intellectual property to bear.   

This partnership is the most recent in a long line of decisions SST has made that demonstrates our commitment to protect people from gun violence. With SST SecureCampus, an indoor/outdoor gunshot detection, location and alerting capability that functions as an active shooter alarm, SST is now on the front lines of addressing the active shooter threat that faces college campuses.

We anticipate engaging with IACLEA to assist its members, with a focus on bringing innovative solutions to the table.  Through supporting IACLEA conferences, programs, and educational initiatives, we hope to not only make a lasting impact on IACLEA, but also on the lives and campuses that IACLEA members serve and protect. 

For more information on the SST and IACLEA partnership, read the press release here.

To read more information on SecureCampus, please visit our SecureCampus page here

We also look forward to attending the IACLEA conference this year in Phoenix, AZ June 24-28th. Stop by for a demonstration of SST SecureCampus and learn how you can protect your students, faculty and staff during an active shooter attack.

April 21, 2016
By: Damaune Journey, VP, Security Solutions