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Tips for Securing Federal Resources for ShotSpotter 

The federal fiscal year began October 1, and while we’re still waiting for Congress to put their finishing touches on the fiscal year 2017 federal appropriations process, it isn’t too early to begin to focus on the key federal homeland security programs that frequently fund ShotSpotter coverage.  If you wait until allocations are released this winter, it may be too late to capitalize on this opportunity. 

Urban Area Security Initiative
The UASI Program assists high-threat, high-density urban areas, with FEMA selecting 2-3 dozen communities each year to receive funding through this program. If you are located in a UASI region, your allocation will likely come from FEMA mid-winter, but I understand that some UASI communities are already soliciting project for inclusion in their spending plans.  A number of communities have used these funds for ShotSpotter and given that ShotSpotter is on the DHS Authorized Equipment List, other communities could and should as well. The UASI city list and funding levels vary each year, but the roughly two dozen cities/regions that were funded in FY16 are likely to receive funding again in the coming fiscal year. 

UASI Allocation

Phoenix Area $5,430,000
Anaheim/Santa Ana Area $5,430,000
Bay Area $28,036,000
Los Angeles/Long Beach Area $68,610,000
Riverside Area $2,962,000
Sacramento Area $2,962,000
San Diego Area $16,658,000
Denver Area $2,962,000
District of Columbia/National Capital Region $53,309,000
Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area $5,430,000
Tampa Area $2,962,000
Atlanta Area $5,430,000
Chicago Area $68,610,000
Baltimore Area $2,962,000
Boston Area $17,770,000
Detroit Area $5,430,000
Twin Cities Area $5,430,000
St. Louis Area $2,962,000
Las Vegas Area $2,962,000
Jersey City/Newark Area $20,534,000
New York City Area $178,623,000
Charlotte Area $2,962,000
Cleveland Area $2,962,000
Portland OR Area $2,962,000
Philadelphia Area $18,263,000
Pittsburgh Area $2,962,000
Dallas/Fort Worth/Arlington Area $15,302,000
Houston Area $23,693,000
Seattle Area $5,430,000


State Homeland Security Grant Program
Cities and counties are eligible to make requests through their State Administrative Agency (SAA) for use of SHSP funds, unlike UASIs that determine their own spending plans and submit them through their SAA. There are no matching requirements, and 80% of the SHSP funds are required to pass through to local agencies. Every city in the Country is eligible for SHSP funds through their SAA and only two dozen or so will receive UASI funds, so if you are not located within a UASI region, now is the time to begin working with your State Administrative Agency to bring in FY17 funds.

Please let us know if we can prepare any documentation for you or identify appropriate points of contact to help you secure this funding. Our goal is to maximize your chances of success and guide you towards the easiest ways to fund ShotSpotter in your community.

For more information and resources on how to fund ShotSpotter in your region, be sure to visit:

January 18, 2017
By: Guest Blogger: Amanda Wood Senior Government Affairs Consultant, Becker & Poliakoff