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ShotSpotter’s New Year’s Resolution

This is the time of year when many of us make our New Year's resolutions – hoping once again to live our best lives in the coming year.  We commit to losing 10 pounds, drinking more water, eating healthier fare or turning off that mobile phone when we go to bed.  While it is important to be grateful and reflective of our blessings, we also want to challenge ourselves to simply do and be better versions of ourselves. As a company, we have been engaged in a similar New Year’s resolution process. 

Leading into this new year, after a vigorous internal debate and self-reflective critique, we have decided to establish a higher bar on our Service Level Agreement (SLA) standards and to be intentional about what should happen if these high standards are not met.  As many of you know, since the inception of the company, we have had two primary SLA benchmarks: a gunshot detection rate of 80 percent or more and geographic accuracy of 25 meters or less.  Although in practice our experience has been that we consistently perform well beyond those benchmarks, our commitment to you is to increase the SLA gunshot detection rate benchmark to a threshold of at least 90 percent. Furthermore, we plan to add SLA metrics reflective of the overall customer experience, including overall service availability and reviewed alert performance. Most importantly – we are adding a credit provision if we do not perform to these new committed SLA standards.

I am very proud of the process we went through as a company – challenging ourselves to do and be better on behalf of our customers who invest their precious and limited financial and operational resources in our solution. We will work with current customers on the steps needed to incorporate these new standards into existing ShotSpotter agreements moving forward.

Over the years, we have learned a lot about how to deploy and operate a sensor-based gunshot detection system in all manner of difficult acoustic environments.  We have improved sensor functionality, increased sensor density in our deployed arrays and invested in overall system resiliency. However, the best asset we have is the feedback we receive from our customers. This feedback is a valuable learning loop, which helps us drive customer satisfaction and trust.  Although it would be impractical to offer a 100 percent failsafe solution, we can commit to the goal of striving for continuous improvement.

We look forward to continuing to improve the customer experience and the efficacy of our solution, while becoming a better version of ourselves. 

Happy New Year and Good Luck with any resolutions that you have committed to in 2018!

January 17, 2018
By: Ralph Clark, President & CEO of ShotSpotter