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ShotSpotter Shines at “Smart City Expo World” in Barcelona, Spain

For the second consecutive year, ShotSpotter was invited to participate at the 3-day Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.  As the name might suggest, it is a massive collection of technology companies and city officials convening to share and showcase ideas about how best to make cities, and ultimately our world, a smarter place for its residents.  The tradeshow floor was a unique mix of established multinational companies with large, budding smart city initiatives, small companies and/or start-ups with niche technologies that build the smart city eco-system, and cities showcasing their current initiatives and future plans.  ShotSpotter again had the opportunity to participate as a featured partner in New York City’s pavilion.

With over a dozen technology companies highlighted, the New York City pavilion brought together a wide range of cutting-edge technology in use in the United State’s largest and most famous city.  Featured technology ranged from GE’s intelligent streetlight, to Big Belly’s smart waste management system, to collapsible rentable scooters, and smart park benches..

Interestingly, the only technology firm solely dedicated to public safety at the New York City booth was ShotSpotter.  Our ShotSpotter Flex gunshot detection, location, and alerting system will soon be deployed across 60 square miles in all five of New York’s boroughs. Our booth was crowded with attendees from as near as Atlanta and San Diego, to as far away as Tel Aviv and Johannesburg. They perused the New York City pavilion and ShotSpotter was a clear hit because of our unique approach to dealing with such a troubling problem. 

Although many international cities do not have an American-style gun violence problem, many have other concerns about public safety in the face of growing international and domestic terrorist threats.  We found ourselves frequently engaging in dialogue about how our technology performs and how it might apply to various use cases.  Unlike many companies at the Smart City Expo, ShotSpotter wasn’t promising the possibility of solving every problem without evidence.  Instead, we were laser focused on the specific problem we can address, and with our 90 deployments we had plenty of empirical data from uses at scale to support our claims.  Being able to point to results and a finished, and always evolving product, helped us to stand out as not only legitimate, but also a leader in the space.

As the smart city dialogue grows over time, there will be more and more examples of companies like ShotSpotter that not only have a cool technological solution, but also have more examples of customer successes in a quantifiable way.  Likewise, we’ll see more cities implementing a comprehensive smart city investment strategy that will provide measurable benefits to its citizens and the world.   

When I was approached by two millennial-aged founders of a tech start-up on the show’s last day and asked, “what is the secret to ShotSpotter's success?”, I shared the following: “Solve a legitimate problem and provide measurable value.”  They seemed as impressed with the answer as I was with their curiosity and question.  After jet lag, time zone changes and 25+ hours of standing in a booth on a tradeshow floor, it still feels great to be part of company that is not only doing well for our customers and community, but also providing a roadmap for other organizations. 

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December 01, 2016
By: Damaune Journey, VP, Security Solutions