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ShotSpotter Respond Released!

We are proud to announce the release of our latest user application, ShotSpotter Respond. We listened to you and have added some new great features while maintaining the previous ones that you loved and used frequently. ShotSpotter Respond is still available on a mobile device, desktop or browser.

ShotSpotter Respond is aptly named as it is designed specifically for those personnel who are assigned to respond to the alerts in real-time. It has much of the information needed for responders to 1.) determine a safe, tactically sound approach and 2.)  search a defined area for evidence after the scene is secure. Although it is designed with responders in mind, this application can be used by other personnel who wish to receive real-time alerts. ShotSpotter Respond is not an application recommended for communication centers, but we will have a new application for those important personnel sometime in early 2018 (look for the release of ShotSpotter Dispatch!).

Some of the key benefits that remain in ShotSpotter Respond include:
• Real-time alerts to any compatible device of your choosing to insure receiving the alert no matter where you are.

• Critical gunfire event information to aid in a safer, tactically sound approach:

    -Notification of possible multiple shooters, high capacity weapons and fully automatic weapons

   – Gunfire audio to review while responding

   – Satellite map showing the gunfire location within 25M

    -Timer that indicates the trigger pull time

   -Time, date and location to help bolster reasonable suspicion and/or probable cause

• Ability to use the map for preliminary investigations:

    -Use the 25M area to define a search area

    -Use the map to determine an area to canvass for witnesses/victims

    -Use the canvassing opportunity to build partnerships with the community

Some of the new functions of ShotSpotter Respond include:

• User controlled map themes

    -Dark or light-colored map view depending on surroundings

    -Ability to show ShotSpotter coverage area and agency district/beat boundaries

    -Ability to real-time text chat with ShotSpotter is back (not available on mobile devices)

If your agency is looking for training or support materials for ShotSpotter Respond, please contact ShotSpotter at

To visit our ShotSpotter Respond page, go to:

February 27, 2018
By: Ed Flosi, Director of Customer Success/Training, ShotSpotter, Inc.