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ShotSpotter Mobile™ App is Live

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ShotSpotter Mobile™ app designed to extend ShotSpotter Flex alerts to a new native browser user-interface and native mobile iOS and Android platforms. With the new mobile app, more law enforcement users will have access to the valuable ShotSpotter service beyond the dispatch office or squad car, with real-time gunfire alerts delivered anytime, anywhere on any iOS or Android mobile phone, tablet or desktop. The new mobile app is designed to provide timely situational awareness information to speed up officer response time and improve safety.

How the app works
The ShotSpotter mobile app – now available for download – makes it very easy for all law enforcement personnel to directly receive instant alerts on their mobile devices. The app is already downloadable via the apple store or google play.  Once downloaded to a preferred device, these always-on push notifications of gunshot incidents are instantly sent to a user’s mobile device in real-time so that department personnel never miss an alert – no matter where are or what they are doing.

What ShotSpotter mobile alerts provide
Each ShotSpotter alert provides key information for each incident including:
• Incident time
• Number of rounds
• Location with a highlighted evidence search area 
In addition, officers can play the audio of the gunfire incident in order to have full situational intelligence on the event they are responding to. In order to aid in officer safety while on the beat, the app information is displayed via a low light user interface.

The ShotSpotter mobile app delivers a world class mobile experience designed specifically to keep officers safe and informed wherever their job takes them. Going mobile provides broader reach, and deeper engagement to critical real-time gunfire data that law enforcement needs to address violent crime quickly and effectively.

What Users are saying about the ShotSpotter Mobile™ App
Current users tell ShotSpotter that having the app is enabling improved situational intelligence while out in the field, and improving their safety when going into a crime scene. To hear more about what users are saying about how the app is helping to improve day-to-day tasks while on the job, visit our Mobile page here.

Amazon Web Services and ShotSpotter
Learn more about how Amazon Web Services is helping ShotSpotter with the AWS Cloud to enable next generation technology for the public safety community here:

November 04, 2016
By: Sherry Prescott-Willis, Director of Marketing, ShotSpotter, Inc.