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ShotSpotter helps local law enforcement to combat celebratory gunfire and protect communities

SST, Inc., the global leader in gunfire detection, location, alerting and analysis, will host a webinar for law enforcement professionals on Tuesday, June 24 at 10.30 AM PST. ‘Celebratory Gunfire Reduction Strategies’ will explore how to combat celebratory gunfire during the fourth of July holiday weekend and other peak shooting periods. Celebratory gunfire is a problem in many cities, particularly during the July 4th holiday season.

With July 4th landing on a Friday this year, we expect a long holiday weekend of celebratory shooting. Unfortunately any bullet discharged from a gun – even into the sky – must land at some location, which means that innocent people are at significant risk for injury or death if hit by stray bullets. We are grateful to Alfred Lewers Jr., Assistant Chief of Police, City of Miami Gardens, who has generously agreed to share the Miami Gardens experience leveraging current best practices they’ve implemented in the Miami area.

A combination of innovative policing strategies and the deployment of ShotSpotter resulted in a 70% decrease in gunfire incidents during the New Year’s holiday period last year in Miami Gardens. Assistant Chief Lewers will share some of those best practices to help local law enforcement officials across the country fight this problem and protect our communities.

Join us for SST’s Celebratory Gunfire Reduction Strategies Webinar
Tuesday June 24, 2014, 10.30AM PST
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June 23, 2014