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ShotSpotter at IACLEA 2016 in Phoenix, AZ – Keeping the Campus Security Dialogue Open

As we head out to the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) annual conference in Phoenix, Arizona, I can’t help but think that we are at a critical time for educational institutions in the U.S. to elevate campus safety initiatives. It’s time to stand tall as educators to become even better leaders when it comes to public safety. This year, I’m proud to say that we are a new IACLEA Corporate Partner and the ShotSpotter team is extremely excited to be attending the 58th Annual IACLEA Conference & Exposition this week. There will be numerous campuses at this conference and I’m looking forward to learning how campuses in the U.S. are collaborating together on gun violence issues for the safety of school personnel and students. It’s important for educators to be forward-thinking about security and I know that numerous campuses have already added SST ™ SecureCampus to their security suite, allowing them to be much better prepared for a potential active shooter attack.

This year at IACLEA, we’ll be at booth #413 as an IACLEA Corporate Partner and as a resource to your campus — we’re looking forward to having you stop by to continue an open dialogue with you.  If you haven’t had a demo of our indoor/outdoor solution SST SecureCampus, I’m happy to give you one, and learn more about your educational institution and your public safety goals this year.  Please come by, have some popcorn, and let’s talk. I’m eager to share with you what an active shooter detection alarm can do to protect your students and staff, and give you some success stories of campuses who are using SecureCampus today.  IACLEA is a perfect conference to learn how your campus can improve security.

Let’s keep the campus public safety dialogue open and learn from one another. Look forward to seeing you at IACLEA.
Visit us in Booth #413.  Here’s a link to the IACLEA for more information:

June 23, 2016
By: Damaune Journey, VP, Security Solutions