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SecureCampus Released to Accelerate Real-Time Response on Campuses, Universities

The first few minutes of an active shooter scenario on a campus or university are critical for first responders in any community.  When an active shooter is present on a campus, there are a number of key people who need to be immediately notified with accurate information to provide help quickly.  Despite the chaos during an actual shooting, one would surmise that if a gunshot is heard, it would be reported immediately. Contrary to this belief, schools are designed to insulate sound and so an actual gunshot is extremely difficult for schoolteachers and administrators with limited exposure to firearm discharges to discern.

SecureCampus™ announced today by SST, Inc., was designed to provide universities, campuses and other critical infrastructure locations with comprehensive indoor and outdoor gunshot detection coverage. SecureCampus instantly detects gunfire and notifies law enforcement, campus security personnel, on-site staff, and other first responders, allowing them to quickly mitigate active shooter situations as soon as possible and minimize potential lost lives.

First Deployment of SecureCampus Goes Live in Georgia 

SST is pleased to announce that Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia is the first university in the country to roll out an external and internal installation of SecureCampus, and has worked to ensure that it will be in place for the 2014-2015 school year. Prior to the rollout at SCAD, SST conducted extensive proof-of-concept testing for SecureCampus at several other school locations in the U.S. over the last year. We are proud to have SCAD as a customer and hope other campuses will see the value of using ShotSpotter in their locations.

How SecureCampus Works

SST SecureCampus removes critical minutes from response times using proven gunfire detection technology, providing first responders with the tactical information they need, usually within 30-45 seconds. This helps to mitigate and rapidly eliminate the threat. Unlike any other solution, SecureCampus provides police with critical real-time situational awareness data including the following:

• Detailed campus map, allowing law enforcement to arrive to exact locations

• Chronological mapping of gunfire, to understand the attack second-by-second

• Location of shooter(s) and number of rounds fired, pinpointing exact location of attack

• Location(s) of injuries, helping to expedite medical treatment

If you’re interested in getting more information on SecureCampus, see our full product press release here.

See SecureCampus at ASIS 2014 

SST will be in Atlanta for the ASIS conference from September 29-October 4th, so if you attend this must-attend preeminent security conference, make sure you join us in booth #3357 for a live SecureCampus demo. We will have plenty of experts on hand to help you understand how this new product can add immediate value in the protection of your campus, university or infrastructure facility.

September 23, 2014
By: Sherry Prescott - Willis, Director, Marketing