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Fight Gun Crime with Technology and Partnerships
The annual IACP Conference is one of my favorite events: for staying in touch with old friends, making...
A Public Health Approach to Policing: IACP Recap
Increasingly, we hear calls for a public health approach to policing, but what does it mean in practice?...
Social Media for Law Enforcement: IACP Recap
At the recent IACP conference, Shannon Lyons from The Harbour Group, LLC, Jeffrey Stewart from the Garfield...
a group of men standing next to each other on a field
The 54th Mile Policing Project: An IACP recap
At the recent IACP conference, speaker Robin Engel from the National Policing Institute and panelists...
crisis management police and community
De-Escalation Training for Police: IACP Session Recap
At the recent IACP Conference, the San Diego Police Department (SDPD) gave a presentation on de-escalation...
policeman standing against red background
Officer-Involved Shootings: Lessons in Response from IACP
Alongside 16,000 public safety professionals, we attended this year’s IACP (International Association...
a concrete building with a walkway leading to it
Evolv Alternatives: Options for Weapons Detection
Security professionals tasked with protecting casinos, hospitals, corporate locations, and schools would...
a street with a basketball hoop and a building
Gun Violence and Student Trauma: Focusing on Prevention During National School Safety Week
ShotSpotter—SoundThinking’s acoustic gunshot detection service—identified the noise as gunfire and alerted...
a group of people standing next to an ambulance
Leveraging Gunshot Data for Tactical Interventions
As CEO of SoundThinking, it is my privilege to lead a company that makes communities safer by detecting,...
a screenshot of a map of a city
Does My Agency Need Police Patrol Software?
How can PDs create a bigger and better impact with fewer resources and more outside pressure? By deploying...
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings
ShotCast Improves Media Coverage of Gun Violence
Here at SoundThinking, we understand the importance of transparency and informing the public of gunfire...
an aerial view of a city with a bridge in the background
Tragedy in Jacksonville and the Value of Rapid and Precise Response
Gun violence shatters lives, destroys families, and traumatizes entire communities. No doubt all of us...
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