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How to Secure Funding for ShotSpotter: Top Federal Funding Sources

Did you know that there are more than 1,000 grant programs, which are administered by 26 federal agencies, and provide more than $400 billion to state and local governments?  When it comes to funding for ShotSpotter, there are many sources of funding that can be leveraged. 

If your agency is looking at federal funding, note that there is no penalty for pursuing multiple funding sources and the majority of these do not having a matching requirement.  In addition, there is no specific season to apply for funding — it is a year-round process.  Funds are primarily available from the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

Diving deeper into these departments, take a look at these funding sources from the Department of Justice:
*Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Grant
*Project Safe Neighborhoods
*Smart Prosecution Initiative
*Technology Innovation for Public Safety
*Community Policing Development
*Smart Policing Initiative

At the Department of Homeland Security, ShotSpotter is included in the DHS Authorized Equipment List (AEL).  In the Winter, each state solicits projects for funds through the State Homeland Security Program and, for select high-risk communities, the Urban Area Security Initiative.

At the Department of Housing and Urban Development, ShotSpotter funding is available from these sources:
*Community Development Block Grant
*Public Housing Capital Fund
*Operations and Maintenance Fund
*Safety and Security Grants

This is the perfect time to begin to develop a roadmap for funding ShotSpotter for the next fiscal year.  We can assist with identifying which sources are the most appropriate for your project and arranging calls and meetings with relevant federal agency program officers to pitch your project, while developing your relationships with key agency officials and staff.  Simultaneously, line up your research and community partners as they will help to support your grant request.  Once this is done, you will be ready to begin drafting your grant applications.  The grant solicitations are released in the winter, with funding typically awarded in the summer.  

How can you be a successful federal funding recipient?  Successful applicants for federal funding think ahead and have a comprehensive plan. 

Here is a checklist for success:
*Have a plan to combat crime, identify criminals, and protect people, infrastructure and facilities, include ShotSpotter as a tool
*Show a local commitment to this effort, including community partners
*Identify and establish university or non-profit research partners early in the process
*Gain the support of local government and non-government groups
*Compile data to support your request
*Demonstrate a history of solid stewardship of grant funding

In addition to federal funding, state and local funding is available from these type of organizations: police foundations, community foundations, medical community (hospitals, trauma centers), Chambers of Commerce, local corporations, state and local grants.

ShotSpotter has a grant funding consultant available to help you throughout each step of the funding process. We can work with you to help identify which funding opportunities are most appropriate for your agency, provide state and regional contacts for your DHS and Byrne funding requests, and help to review your funding application.  Along with this, ShotSpotter is also available to enlist Congressional support for your grant application and work with Federal agencies to expedite the drawdown of your awarded funds.

For more information on ShotSpotter funding, please visit our website:

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August 31, 2016
By: Guest Blogger: Amanda Wood Senior Government Affairs Consultant, Becker & Poliakoff