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What is the SafetySmart™ Platform by SoundThinking™?

To understand how a precision policing platform helps law enforcement prevent crime and enhance community trust, let’s first address the precision policing philosophy that is the foundation of our SafetySmart Platform.   Precision policing is a framework for structuring, managing, motivating, and leading a 21st century police force. It’s built upon the idea that to […]

The Importance of Evidence-Based Policing

To overcome these challenges, many law enforcement agencies are evolving to become more data-driven and proactive, while focusing on improving relations with the community and better allocating limited resources in the process. In this article, we’ll cover some of the shortcomings of 20th-century policing strategies (and how they came to be), the rise of evidence-based […]

Building a Criminal Investigation for Effective Prosecution

When it comes to building a criminal investigation for effective prosecution, ultimately solving crimes and upholding public safety, both investigators and prosecutors have invaluable and interconnected roles to play. In an ideal world, investigators will meticulously document every relevant detail and publish their findings in a highly organized, easy-to-digest report that prosecutors can refer to […]

ShotSpotter®’s Important Role in Improving Public Safety

Twelve major cities set homicide records this year. And yet more than 80 percent of gunshots are not reported to 9-1-1, leaving our most vulnerable communities ignored and their sons, brothers, uncles and fathers left to die as gunshot victims when a prompt response by first responders might have saved them. We cannot ignore this […]

Improving the Relationship Between Police and Community

The relationship between police and community centers around a complex and deeply rooted social contract that will take concentrated effort and time to piece back together. But there are some actionable steps police can take to start improving relations. #1. Identify Areas Experiencing the Highest Level of Trauma & Gun Violence Unaddressed trauma magnifies the […]

Police-Community Relations: A Historical Overview

To start improving police-community relations, we must get to the root of the problem, which is mistrust because of a broken social contract. A Broken Social Contract In policing, a social contract has always existed. Community members agree to give up certain liberties in exchange for service—that is, protection. Citizens sacrifice some individual freedom to […]

Calling All Leaders: Crime Gun Intelligence Strategies, Now!

In terms of seeking justice for the victims, resolution for their loved ones and peace for their neighbors, there are definitive and effective actions we can take—now. We know what must be done, it just takes leadership and some work to establish the key cross-jurisdictional partnerships, put in place the policy-driven tactics and layer in […]

Bolster Police-Community Engagement with ShotSpotter®

Police-community engagement is now recognized as an important part of every law enforcement agency’s mission to better connect and collaborate with the public, and to improve participation in problem-solving endeavors.

Improving Investigation Clearance Rates with Federal Funding

Naturally, improving clearance rates is a top priority for every law enforcement agency. Not only does it get serial offenders off the street, but importantly provides a degree of closure and justice for victims and their families. According to FBI Uniform Crime Reporting, national clearance rates have been hovering in lower ranges for decades, and […]