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A Glimpse into Active Shooter Incidents on School Campuses

The thin veil of safety that many of us grew up with as children has been lifted to reveal the ugly truth: there are some bad people in the world and some of them aim to harm with guns.  What’s most disturbing isn’t that the world is different than we thought as children, it’s that children are often the target.

Sadly, it seems that there has been an increase in the number of tragic active shooter stories in the news today. All too often the victims of those shooting news stories are innocent children and a majority of these shootings are happening on the premise of school properties, where parents send their children off every day to learn, grow and thrive as young adults.

A Glimpse into Active Shooter Incidents in the Past 45 Days

November 20, Tallahassee, Florida – While most college students are huddling around books and fearing final exams, hundreds of others huddled between bookshelves fearing for their lives because a rogue shooter opened fire at a Florida State University library shooting three students.

December 12, Portland, Oregon – Four students were shot outside of a Portland-area high school.  The assailant fled as the students ran inside the school seeking help.  Some suggested the shooting was the result of a dispute.  What is not in dispute is that the lives of the students at this school will never be quite the same.

December 16, Peshawar, Pakistan – 132 children were gunned down over a number of hours in an attack on a school.  The school was targeted because the students were children of people with differing political views than the shooters – political views many of the students were too young to even fully understand.

Protecting our Schools with the Right Technology
The above examples of active shooter incidents all happened in just the past 45 days!  Unfortunately, there’s no technology that will predict when an active shooter is going to choose to attack.  But, there is technology that can alert first responders within seconds of a school shooting, so that they can eliminate the threat faster and save more lives.  That technology is called SST SecureCampus, a product developed by SST Inc./ShotSpotter, the leader in gunshot detection, location, and first responder alerting.  SecureCampus is the only system that can detect gunfire both indoors and outdoors, providing a dome of protection around any school, campus, building, or facility.

At SST, we believe that students learn best when they are in a safe campus or university environment and, in today’s world, that environment needs to include gunshot detection.  We may not ever be able to reclaim that veil of safety we had as children, but there is no reason we should leave our children uncovered, especially when technology can and will provide help. 

For more information on how SecureCampus can help your campus or university, visit our SecureCampus website page.

January 06, 2015
By: Damaune Journey, VP, Security Solutions