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2015 NetPromoter Key Findings –  What are ShotSpotter Users Really Thinking?

In May of 2015, SST launched an online Customer Satisfaction Survey to get key feedback from our current ShotSpotter customers. The survey was based on the NetPromoter (NPS) score which is measured by the likelihood that your product will be recommended.
The objective of the survey was to prioritize improvement opportunities and identify our ShotSpotter promoters. The survey included 17 questions, including “How likely are you to recommend ShotSpotter to other law enforcement agencies?” as well as inquiring about our customer’s level of satisfaction with the people they interact with at ShotSpotter, the user interfaces, the training onboarding process for new agencies and their overall satisfaction.

Why NetPromoter?
We chose the NetPromoter survey because we know that companies that have used this tool, continue to strive to improve their business, and have a higher likelihood of growth, and success. Developed by Satmetrix, Bain & Company, and Fred Reichheld, the concept was first popularized through Reichheld's book The Ultimate Question, and has since been embraced by leading companies worldwide. Studies done by Reichheld and Satmetrix determined the “Likely to Recommend” question had the strongest statistical correlation with customer retention and referrals and that companies with higher Net Promoter Scores grew faster than their industry peers.  In addition, customer behavior is correlated with a NetPromoter score. High promoter customers are 5 times as likely to repurchase and promote higher internal employee satisfaction. Today, some of the most beloved customer brands have high Net Promoter scores – brands like Nordstrom, Apple, Jet Blue, and Costco, just to name a few. We’re not at the same level of these brands quite yet, but our desire to be known as a company with high customer service matches the philosophy of these companies already.    

What we learned about our Customers
We are proud to report ShotSpotter’s very first Net Promoter score was meaningfully higher than the average for B2B businesses of mid to high teens. This was an impressive debut for a baseline survey and we are thrilled to see this score, knowing there’s still room for improvement. 

Some key things that we learned about the survey are helping us shape the direction of our future customer engagement and product development. Those that answered the survey acknowledged that ShotSpotter is an effective tool when implemented properly and integrated with broader strategies to combat gun violence. Not surprising, we found that budgetary / funding constraints, however, remain significant impediments to expansion of existing coverage even for the most satisfied customers.
In terms of the feedback on our user interface it is very clear that we have some serious work to do in that category and as a result will be putting more investment and resources in that particular area.

Why are ShotSpotter users Happy?
Overall, customers are very satisfied with the interactions they have with various ShotSpotter personnel and departments. They were also satisfied with using the technology in their agencies and found some benefits that helped them in their day-to-day operational activities. When we looked at the survey results, we found our key findings could be divided into three categories:

1. Improving Policing PracticesHow it helps to improve day-to-day policing
2. Community Impact of Using ShotSpotter The perception in the community when ShotSpotter is effectively deployed; the improvement of officer and community engagement
3. Overall Satisfaction General feeling about the overall product and benefits, services offered
Improving Policing Practices

Customers talked about the benefits of using ShotSpotter and this included recognizing that the tool helped them to report the following:
• An increase in Shell casings recovered
• An increase in the number of gunshots identified
• An increase in evidence gathered, which is extremely useful in prosecuting criminals
• Overall Reduction in gunfire

Community Impact of Using ShotSpotter

When asked about the impact on the communities where ShotSpotter was deployed, we learned the following from customers:
• ShotSpotter has a positive impact on the perception of public safety
• ShotSpotter increases safety for our law enforcement personnel
• ShotSpotter allows law enforcement agencies to be more efficient
• Communities are saying that ShotSpotter is making a difference in gunfire reduction

Customer Satisfaction
Many of our customers are benefiting from the services we offer to them and are using these services to help combat gun violence in the courtroom and feel the tool is useful for their city. As a result:
• Court appearance expert witness services were rated very high
• Many customers plan to renew service of ShotSpotter in their city

NetPromoter Culture
The rich, candid, and unfiltered feedback that we received from customers in this NetPromoter survey will undoubtedly help us in the coming months as we continue to strive for excellence in customer satisfaction. Here at SST, we are trying to build an organization that promotes high engagement between customers and employees. We are committed to and aligned to service excellence in all that we do, and that means going that extra mile in every interaction with customers to ensure that they are getting what they need. We think this is going to be one of the keys to success as we continue to partner with law enforcement agencies in the fight to reduce gun violence.
Watch this brief 3 minute video that introduces the Net Promoter concept here.

September 21, 2015
By: Sherry Prescott-Willis, Director of Marketing