Real Time Gunfire Analysis and Alert Services

Real Time Gunfire Analysis and Alert Services

ShotSpotter maintains the largest database of gunfire audio data available anywhere in the world. The Real-Time Incident Review Center provides instantaneous assessment and qualification of gunshot alerts by a highly trained team of ShotSpotter gunfire and acoustics experts.

After an explosive (or impulsive) sound triggers enough ShotSpotter sensors that an incident is detected and located, audio from the incident is sent to the ShotSpotter Incident Review Center via secure, high-speed network connections for real-time qualification. Within seconds, a ShotSpotter professional reviewer analyzes audio data and recordings to confirm gunfire or explosions. The qualified alert is then sent directly to the dispatch center, PSAP, mobile/patrol officers and any other relevant safety or security personnel.

ShotSpotter's team of expert reviewers has direct experience reviewing thousands of incidents captured by ShotSpotter systems. Reviewed alerts help law enforcement respond safely and effectively to gunfire by providing:

  • Precise location of gunfire, both latitude/longitude and street address.
  • Number and exact time of shots fired.
  • Shooter position, speed and direction of travel (if moving).
  • Faster, more accurate alerts.
  • Gunfire incident history and pattern analysis.

ShotSpotter's incident reviewers hear thousands of gunfire incidents during their training, and each incident is presented to them from the perspective of multiple sensors. ShotSpotter incident reviewers have heard and analyzed more acoustic gunfire incidents, from more perspectives, than quite literally anyone else in the world.

ShotSpotter's Real-Time Incident Review Center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a protected and fully redundant environment.