Precision policing solutions that help save lives, deter crime, and make communities safer

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Precision policing solutions that help save lives, deter crime, and make communities safer.

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Robust and Reliable Precision Policing Platform

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icon map pin Detects, locates and alerts on gunfire in less than 60 seconds
icon data mobile Provides tactical data including presence of multiple shooters or automatic weapons
icon bullet Reports on individual discharge locations for improved NIBIN shell casing recovery
icon data desktop Creates automated, data-driven patrol plans to maximize crime deterrence
icon shield Track and measure time spent in directed patrol areas and tactics used
icon scale Mitigate over policing and biased patrols
icon magnifying glass Includes investigative tools for crime scene and incident research
icon people group Aggregates crime data for command staff reporting
icon gavel Supports trials with court-admissible evidence and witness testimony


ShotSpotter’s Precision Policing Platform Contributes to
Positive Outcomes

Las Vegas
Reduction in violent crime
Drop in Gun Assaults Victims
Reduction in gun violence injuries in first year


Communities, Campuses, and Corporations Trust ShotSpotter

After almost 30 years in law enforcement, I’ve yet to find a more profound and proven way to increase community/police relations than ShotSpotter.
Chief Scott Ruszkowski South Bend, IN | Customer since 2014
The ShotSpotter technology targets [gun] violence, quickly puts our officers where they’re needed, and helps us identify shooters, while building trust and restoring peace in the challenged communities we serve.
Skip Holbrook Columbia, SC | Police Chief. Customer since 2019
I would argue the most important aspect is getting to the victim quicker and rendering the aid that they need to save their lives. SpotSpotter is a win in our book.
Public Information Officer Amy Dotson Peoria Police Department | Customer since 2013
There was a man shot on our streets and no one had alerted police. [Because of ShotSpotter], police showed up and administered CPR and saved him. He’s alive today because of ShotSpotter.
Lisa Boggs Columbus, OH | Resident
Greenville has seen a reduction in gunshot wound victims in the [ShotSpotter] deployment area. This is an incredible injury prevention success story in this national epidemic of gunshot death.
Dr. Eric Toschlog Chief of Surgery, Vidant Medical Center, Greenville, NC. | Customer since 2019
[ShotSpotter] is by far and away one of the most effective pieces of technology all across the globe.
Mayor Tim Keller Albuquerque, NM
ShotSpotter is an always present and unbiased source of information for us. We don’t have to rely on people to call 9-1-1. It’s always listening.
Deputy Chief Scott Gray Omaha Police Department, NE | Customer since 2011
To stop gun violence, we need to know where it’s occurring and ShotSpotter has detected hundreds of shootings that would have otherwise gone unreported. Our expansion of ShotSpotter is helping us reduce crime and make our neighborhoods safer.
Captain James LaRochelle Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, NV | Customer since 2017
ShotSpotter has been a game changer here in Chicago. We are correlating more shootings based on the evidence collected from the exact location.
Lieutenant Laura West Strategic Data Analytics Division, Chicago Police, IL | Customer since 2012
ShotSpotter is an important forensic tool that is more reliable than witnesses. My office relies on it to provide hard evidence on which gun fired first and from what precise location to help prosecute criminals.
District Attorney Hillar Moore East Baton Rouge, LA | Customer since 2007
Since the city first adopted the ShotSpotter program in 2014, the homicide rate has plummeted by 35%. Gunshot incidents as an activity has been reduced by about 50% in the same period of time.
Mayor Francis Suarez Miami, FL | Customer since 2014
We’re seeing a 40% reduction in gun violence in areas we’re using ShotSpotter. We’re proud to be a ShotSpotter city.
Mayor John Cranley Cincinnati, OH | Customer since 2017

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