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Data-driven tools that enable law enforcement to be more efficient, effective, and equitable, and improve outcomes for all crime.



Find leads fast for any case with the #1 law enforcement search engine

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Manage NIBIN leads and quickly identify associated gun crime cases

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Maximize limited patrol and analyst resources for highest impact

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ShotSpotter’s End-to-End Precision Policing Platform is an integrated suite of data-driven tools that enables law enforcement to be more efficient, effective, and equitable. Together or separately, these solutions act as a force multiplier, delivering timely and accurate information to more rapidly and precisely deploy resources. The platform embodies the renowned “Precision Policing” philosophy so now agencies can better respond to, investigate and deter all types of crime across entire jurisdictions , and in a way that builds community trust.

Enable rapid response to gunfire, 80% of which is not reported to 911
Save the lives of gunshot wound victims in your community
Improve evidence recovery and NIBIN leads
Manage NIBIN leads and quickly identify associated gun crime cases
Search local and regional crime data from a single source to generate actionable leads
Streamline case management and collaboration to build courtroom ready cases for any crime type
Automate direct patrol planning for highest impact every shift
Free up analyst time for value-add investigative work
Gain actionable insight into officer activity
ShotSpotter CEO Ralph Clark headshot

In a time in which police work has never been more challenging, we offer a way forward - technology to help save lives, solve more crimes and restore trust with the community.

Ralph Clark President and CEO, ShotSpotter


Communities, Civic Leaders, and Law Enforcement Trust ShotSpotter

94% of customers consider ShotSpotter a trusted partner.
The ShotSpotter technology targets [gun] violence, quickly puts our officers where they’re needed, and helps us identify shooters, while building trust and restoring peace in the challenged communities we serve.
Skip Holbrook Columbia, SC | Police Chief. Customer since 2019
There was a man shot on our streets and no one had alerted police. [Because of ShotSpotter], police showed up and administered CPR and saved him. He’s alive today because of ShotSpotter.
Lisa Boggs Columbus, OH | Resident
COPLINK is an essential investigative tool, providing our officers with the means to find vital investigative leads that would not otherwise be readily apparent.
Clete Hyman Redlands Police Department
The information I obtained from COPLINK X ... led to a tri-county take down of all three suspects who are now in custody.
Todd Nobbe Investigator - Newark PD+D14
We're at minimum staffing out on the streets... and Connect has made us more efficient in deploying patrol officers to where they're needed the most.
Operations Division Chief Dan Skibins South Bend Police Department
[Connect] allows us to meet the expectations of modern-day policing. And it's a way for us to demonstrate commitment to today's policing standards of being data-driven and evidence-based and accountable to the community.
Tiana Antul Principal Crime Analyst, Worcester Police Department

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