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Streamlined Alert Console, Printing and Upgrade Process for Flex Clients

  • Release Date: July 06, 2012
  • Version: Flex Server: 2012.2.4.20825 (ECO 1102) Alert Console: 2012.2.4.20825 (ECO 1102) Incident & Reports Portal 2012.2.4.20825 (ECO 1102) Reviewer Console: 2012.2.4.20825 (ECO 1102)
  • Upgrade Window: January 01, 1970

Release Description

This minor, zero-downtime release addresses the performance of the Alert Console under heavy load conditions commonly experienced around New Year’s Eve and other celebratory holidays on which extremely high volumes of fireworks and firecrackers are lit off (e.g. the July 4th Independence Day celebration in the United States). In addition, the release address a printing incompatibility introduced by the recent release of Microsoft Silverlight version 5. It also changes the automatic upgrade procedure to avoid an unexpected “white screen” delay while product updates are downloaded upon the initial launch of a Flex application.

Streamlined Alert Console Experience

The ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console is designed to permit users to view new incidents as they are reported in near-real-time. Accordingly, emphasis is placed on maintaining minimal data transfers between the console and the cloud-based Flex infrastructure. In the past, the console was therefore limited to pulling the most recent 200 incidents (of any type, including potentially fireworks and/or other non-gunfire noises) in order to conserve bandwidth. Additional incidents could always be downloaded using the full search capabilities of the Incident & Reports Portal. However, during recent celebratory holiday events, incident counts well in excess of 200 have been experienced by customers, and therefore the Alert Console would sometimes display fewer gunfire incidents than normal because the non-gunfire incidents brought the total of recent incidents within the display window above 200. (During the Independence Day activities in the US, some customers receive in excess of 3,000 fireworks incidents during a single 8-hour shift.) At no time were any alerts “lost”; they were always visible in the Incident & Reports Portal.
This release changes the behavior of the Alert Console so that all gunfire incidents in the selected time window are always displayed in the Alerts Console, even if that number is very high. In order to ensure that the Alert Console data requests remain small enough to be compatible with lower-bandwidth connections to mobile units, the time window has been adjusted to permit queries over the past 1 hour to 48 hours, as shown in the following figure.
New Incident Timeline Slider
As always, lengthier queries (over many months or years, or filtering by various criteria) can be performed using the Incident & Reports Portal.

Other Updates


Changes made by Microsoft to printing behavior in Silverlight 5 had caused the inability to print reports for some customers. This returns full functionality to report-printing for Silverlight 5 users who had experienced difficulty.

Automatic Updates

All ShotSpotter Flex consoles automatically detect and download available updates. (Technically speaking, the consoles run as deprivileged “Out of Browser” Silverlight applications with auto-update capability.) In prior releases, an available update was downloaded immediately upon startup, which could cause a blank “white screen” to display for an extended period of time if the connection was slow. Even though the application would eventually run, this “white screen” gave user the erroneous impression that the application was “broken.” For all updates subsequent to this release, the upgrade will be downloaded in the background after the user has logged in and will be announced to the user using the Automatic Upgrade Notification overlay:

Automatic Upgrade Notification

Your ShotSpotter consoles will notify users automatically of the available upgrade:


When this message is displayed, the user needs only to close the window and relaunch the console. The upgrade process is automatic and otherwise transparent to the user. The new version number will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the console. After today’s Zero Downtime upgrade, the version number will read 2012.2.4.

Updated Components

  1. ShotSpotter Flex Server (build tagged 2012.2.4.20825)
  2. ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console (console displays build 2012.2.4.20825)
  3. ShotSpotter Flex Reviewer Console (console displays build 2012.2.4.20825)
  4. ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal (portal displays build 2012.2.4.20825)


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