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Release 2014.2: Integration with the ShotSpotter Siren Web and Email Platform

  • Release Date: August 18, 2014
  • Version: 2014.2.0.30027
  • Upgrade Window: August 19, 2014

Release Description

ShotSpotter FlexSM Release 2014.2 delivers integration with the ShotSpotter SirenTM e-mail and web-based services, minor graphics design changes to login dialog boxes, and many user-requested features, such as the ability for users or on-site administrators to change user passwords, the ability to share a secure web link to a ShotSpotter incident, and the ability to interact with the ShotSpotter Siren web portal. The release also delivers improvements to incident notifications, including live updating of incident comments as they are added by the 24x7x365 Incident Review Center, even when an incident is already open on a user's screen. (The previous version number was 2014.1.0.30006).

Automatic Upgrade

All customers will automatically update to this release. No activity by IT or individual users is required. Your ShotSpotter Flex consoles will notify you automatically when the upgrade is available:

When this message is displayed, you simply need to close the window and relaunch the software again. The upgrade process is automatic and otherwise transparent. The new version number will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the console. After today's Zero Downtime upgrade, the version number will read 2014.2.0.30027.

ShotSpotter Siren is SST's newest addition to the ShotSpotter Flex service. It is offered at no additional charge to ShotSpotter Flex customers with current contracts.

Email Alerts

ShotSpotter Siren delivered real-time incident alerts via email to all registered users. It permits users to filter which requests they receive by patrol beat or district or by time of day.

Web-Based Siren Portal

ShotSpotter Siren users can view incidents on the web with nothing other than a browser and their login credentials.

Centralized Management

ShotSpotter Siren delivers a unified user management and privileges configuration tool to department representatives. Authorized "super users" can add or delete accounts, reset passwords, and grant (or deny) access to applications such as the Alerts Console, Investigator Portal, Briefing Room, and Siren itself.

Get Access Siren

Contact SST Support (see end of this document). We'll be happy to enable Siren for your department!New Features

Integration with

ShotSpotter Siren is SST's new email notification and web-based incident reporting tool. (For additional information on Siren, see the sidebar to the right.) This release of the ShotSpotter Flex software now integrates with Siren in four ways:

  1. The ShotSpotter Flex username and password you use for the Alert Console, Investigator Portal, or Briefing Room remain the same for ShotSpotter Siren. Your profile is shared throughout all ShotSpotter products. Although access privileges to the Alert Console, Investigator Portal, Briefing Room, and Siren are configured separately (in order to give departments control over which users have access to which functions), once you are enabled, you can switch between the two products seamlessly. This username and password is also the same for the ShotSpotter Briefing Room crime analysis portal, if your organization has access to that functionality.
  2. The login process is now the same for ShotSpotter Flex and ShotSpotter Siren. The login windows are visually similar, and logging in to either the Alert Console or the Investigator Portal will also log you in to Siren in the background, if you have access to both.
  3. You can open the Siren website link for any gunfire incident simply by clicking the "View on ShotSpotter Siren website" button. If you are already logged in to Flex, this link will open in your web browser without requiring you to repeat your username and password, if you have the appropriate access credentials.
  4. You can share a secure link to any ShotSpotter incident with a button. (To ensure security, the recipient of the link will have to authenticate to Siren to view it.)


New Look for Login

To match the ShotSpotter Siren web login, Flex login now has a new look. Usernames and passwords have not changed.

Prior Releases

2014.2 (new)


"Forgot Password?" Link

Like Siren, both the Alert Console and the Investigator Portal now display a Forgot Password? link which permits users to reset their password. The reset process is performed via email and requires the existing username to have a valid email address. (Since early 2013, all ShotSpotter Flex usernames have been required to be email addresses. Those with usernames that are not valid email addresses have been asked to provide an email. If you have not done so, please contact Support so that we can transition your account.)



View Link on ShotSpotter Siren Website

The View this incident on ShotSpotter Siren website button will open a web browser to the ShotSpotter Siren website and display the same incident open in the Investigator Portal or Alert Console. If the user logged into the Investigator Portal or Alert Console is also a Siren user, there will be no need to re-enter a username and password. If, however, this user does not have privileges to Siren, the website will ask for a username and password.



Copy link to ShotSpotter Siren Website for this incident

The Copy link to ShotSpotter Siren Website for this incident button places a web link (URL) to this incident on your computer clipboard. You can then paste it into an email or any other place you can input text. URLs are of the format:
XX = ShotSpotter system ID (two or three digits)
YYYYY = Incident number

In order to provide security, users who follow this link will be required to log in using valid ShotSpotter Siren credentials. You can therefore distribute this link freely: only users who can log in will be able to receive the contents.

My Account

Clicking the new My Account takes users to their Siren profile page, at which they can set email preferences for incident alerts, change their password, and configure other aspects of their account profile.

New Look and More Information in the Incident Alert "Toaster" Popup

Users of the Alert Console in Call Taker or Mobile profile are familiar with the "toaster" popup (a small dialog box which pops up from the lower right-hand corner of the screen). In Release 2014.2, the graphic design of the popup has been updated and additional information has been added to the popup window. The popup now displays:

  • The time of the alert
  • Coverage Area Name
  • Type of gunfire incident (single, multiple or possible)
  • Address nearest the alert
  • Beat. Note that beat information will only display if the agency has provided that information to SST.
  • District. Note that beat information will only display if the agency has provided that information to SST.
  • View Incident button to take the user directly to the incident on the Alert Console
  • Dismiss or Snooze button to dismiss the alert (if applicable)

The outer red border blinks until the toaster is closed or another user has opened the incident.

Other Improvements

In addition to the new features mentioned above, we've addressed a number of issues which have been reported to us:

  • A reminder noise has been added to the Alert Console to remind users that they have yet to open an incident which has been alerted. The reminder tone automatically ceases as soon as the incident is opened.
  • New information related to a previously-published incident is now automatically displayed on the Alert Console and Investigator Portal. Such new information may include notes about incident placement ("possibly located behind building") or regarding subsequent or related incidents. When new information does become available, the Alert Console plays a "gong" sound to draw the user's attention to the new information.
  • Text displayed in any popup messages (notifications, warnings, or errors) can now be selected, copied, and pasted.
  • The Investigator Portal graphical layout has been modified to support screens using resolution 1024x768.
  • Due to underlying inconsistencies in the data provided by Microsoft Bing® Maps, we received reports of inconsistent results when measuring distances in "bird's eye" (oblique) map view. There were no such errors reported with overhead images taken at orthogonal (90-degree) angles or with map view. After consultation with mapping providers, we determined that sufficient accuracy was not possible, and distance measuring was removed from the "bird's eye" (oblique angle) view. No change has been made to the other views.
  • The coverage area outline is now displayed in all user views, regardless of user login. It can be turned off by clicking the Coverage Area Outline icon in the map toolbar.
  • An issue was addressed which caused the Alert Console to switch from List View to Details View unexpectedly.
  • An issue which prevented the Investigator Portal from displaying recent nearby incidents in the right-hand panel list, even though those incidents were visible on the map, was addressed.
  • An issue which displayed inconsistent maximum sensor distance at the audio column, compared to the actual sensor distances shown beneath it, was addressed. The sensor distance was always displayed correctly next to the audio from the sensor in question.


Updated Components

  1. ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console (console displays build 2014.2.0.30027)
  2. ShotSpotter Flex Investigator Portal (portal displays build 2014.2.0.30027)


SST Customer Support is available to all customers with valid ShotSpotter Flex Support contracts. You may contact SST Customer Support:

Via Live Chat:

From either the ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console or the ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal, look for the chat links:

or by following this link in any web browser:

Via Phone:

Phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please contact our support team during these hours at: +1 (888) 274–6877, then dial option 4.

Via Email:

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