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Release 2012.2: Real-Time Live Customer Support Chat Capability, Enhanced Reporting Features & Impro

  • Release Date: February 22, 2012
  • Version: Flex Server: 2012.2.0.20807, Alert Console: 2012.2.0.20807, Incident & Reports Portal 2012.2.0.20807, Reviewer Console: 2012.2.0.20807
  • Upgrade Window: January 01, 1970

Release Description


Release 2012.2 of the cloud-based ShotSpotter FlexSM gunfire alert and analysis solution introduces secure, encrypted live text-based chat functionality which allows customers to communicate in real-time with trained, expert SST gunfire incident reviewers about any ShotSpotter incident activation 24x7x365 and, during normal support hours, with SST customer support.  At their option, customers may also choose to send their request via built-in secure email instead of chatting live, and may ask questions about or request more information about a specific ShotSpotter incident, request a formal forensic analysis for investigatory or prosecutorial purposes, or request general support from the SST review Incident Review Center directly from their ShotSpotter Flex software, from a customer-specific web link, or directly from the Customer Support section of the SST or ShotSpotter websites.  All chat conversations are encrypted in both directions using industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption (the same encryption used by websites when transmitting credit card or other information).


Release 2012.2 also provides performance and other improvements to all ShotSpotter Flex components, including the ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console, and the ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal.

Live Chat Assistance—Any Incident, Any Time

ShotSpotter Flex Release 2012.2 allows any customer representative to interact live with SST’s trained incident review staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Incident Reviewers are available to answer questions about specific incidents, their acoustic analysis of those incidents, and to log requests for forensic analysis of an incident or support requests for follow-up during normal SST Customer Support hours.  Incident Reviewers can also assist customers who have trouble accessing their ShotSpotter software due to authentication or credential difficulty.  (For security purposes, all live chat requests begin with an authentication protocol to insure the security of information provided.)

Initiating a Chat

Initiating a chat is easy.  From either the ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console or the ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal, look for the chat links:


ShotSpotter Flex Alerts Console (Release 2012.2)


ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal (Release 2012.2)

Ask for More Information or Help via Chat

Once users have clicked the appropriate link in Chat or have followed the Chat web link, they will be asked to provide their name, email and (optionally) phone number, as well as a brief description of their question, so that an SST representative can immediately assist them.  Contact information is requested in case an SST representative needs to contact the user during or after the chat.

Once users are connected to an SST Incident Reviewer or Support Agent, they can ask for assistance with any number of aspects of an incident, for example:

  • Request more information about the incident
  • Ask about prior incidents in the vicinity
  • Request forensic analysis of the incident
  • Seek clarification about number of rounds fired, number of shooters involved, etc.

Ending a Chat

When users are finished chatting with an SST representative, they may choose to end the chat by clicking the logoff button.

Users will receive a confirmation immediately after closing the chat session, and they will receive a reference ticket number and a transcript of their chat session at the email address they provided.  This same information is collected by SST’s Customer Support database so that it can be referenced in the future to save time.

Optional:  Send a Secure Email Request

If users do not have time to chat, they can also submit a secure email request using the same website and form as used for chat by clicking the “Send a Secure Email” button, as shown in the following figure.

Other Improvements to ShotSpotter Flex

SST is also delivering a number of other improvements for customers as part of Release 2012.2:

Incidents & Reports Portal

The Incident & Reports Portal, which first became available in Release 2011.2.1, provides users comprehensive access to past incident history, reports, and the ability to export audio or incident data for analysis in other software packages.  Improvements in Release 2012.2 include:

  • Redesigned User Interface and Color Scheme:  The entire user interface has been redesigned with a new color scheme, designed to be easier to use for extended periods of time in command and control centers, which often have reduced (dimmed) lighting.
  • Latitude and Longitude:  Although previously available in advanced views, the Incident & Reports portal now displays the precise latitude and longitude of each incident in the main incident details panel and also in exported results.
  • Data Export:  Originally available in Release 2011.2.1, users can download data directly out of our application and use them for your own analyses, whether in Microsoft® Excel®, ESRI® ArcGIS®, or some other analytics package.  Click the “Export” button on any incident list report.  The downloaded file contains all the information necessary to plot and analyze incident locations (precise latitude/longitude), number of rounds, and street addresses. Beats and Districts will be included if customers have provided these geographic boundaries to SST. The file is a Comma-Separated Values (.CSV) text file, commonly used by crime analysts and statisticians. 
  • Recent Nearby Incidents:  variable time window.  Nearby incidents can now be selected by variable criteria, ranging from the previous 12 hours to the prior 7 days.
  • Print Single Incident Report and Print Incident List Report:  users had experienced difficulty printing to some PDF drivers (in order to produce PDF output).  SST has confirmed the issue is specific to certain PDF drivers and appears to result from vendor-specific compatibility with Microsoft Silverlight, not from SST software.  SST has confirmed that the PDF printer drivers in Adobe Acrobat X Pro, PDF Complete, and the freely available Cute PDF do not exhibit any problems.
  • Filter Search (Query) Performance Improvements:  The Incident & Reports Portal permits users to search for incidents according to complex criteria.  Performance improvements have been made to speed the responsiveness of these search requests.
  • Silverlight 5 Compatibility:  Microsoft released Silverlight 5 in December 2011.  Users of the latest Silverlight software experienced a cosmetic “white flash” after logging in to ShotSpotter Flex software.  This issue is addressed in Release 2012.2.

Alerts Console

The ShotSpotter Flex Alerts Console supports three different user workflows and roles:  Call Taker, Dispatcher, and Mobile/Patrol Officer.  Improvements to the Alert Console in Release 2012.2 include:

Silverlight 5 Compatibility:  Microsoft released Silverlight 5 in December 2011.  Users of the latest Silverlight software experienced a cosmetic “white flash” after logging in to ShotSpotter Flex software.  This issue is addressed in Release 2012.2.

  • Support for Multiple Coverage Areas:  Alert consoles will now provide alerts to users who have access privileges to multiple coverage areas.
  • When no incident is selected in the Alert Console, incident details labels are hidden to avoid user confusion.
  • Addresses an issue in which Patrol or Call Taker users who had access to more than one ShotSpotter Flex system did not receive timely incident alerts.
  • Addresses an issue in which the local data cache for users was not isolated by on a user-by-user basis.  The cache is now isolated per user.

Updated Components

  1. ShotSpotter Flex Server (build tagged 2012.2.0.20807)
  2. ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console (console displays build 2012.2.0.20807)
  3. ShotSpotter Flex Reviewer Console (console displays build 2012.2.0.20807)
  4. ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal (portal displays build 2012.2.0.20807)


SST Customer Support is available to all customers with valid ShotSpotter Flex Support contracts.  You may contact SST Customer Support:

By Phone:

Phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please contact our support team during these hours at: +1-888-274-6877 x4.

By Email:

Email  Please include as much detail as possible so we may better serve you quickly.

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