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Release 2012.2.3: Bird’s Eye (Oblique) Imagery for International and Non-USGS Locations

  • Release Date: June 19, 2012
  • Version: Flex Server: 2012.2.2.20820 Alert Console: 2012.2.2.20820 Incident & Reports Portal 2012.2.2.20820 Reviewer Console: 2012.2.2.20820
  • Upgrade Window: January 01, 1970

Release Description

Release 2012.2.3 of the cloud-based ShotSpotter FlexSM gunfire alert and analysis solution provides support for oblique aerial imagery (“Bird’s Eye View”) for international customers as well as in areas not yet covered by the US Geological Survey (USGS). The release also improves the handling of non-gunfire incidents which have been reviewed by SST Review staff.

Automatic Upgrade Notification

Your ShotSpotter consoles will notify users automatically of the available upgrade:

Alert Console

  • All customers, including international customers, can now use “Bird’s Eye View” oblique imagery, regardless of whether elevation (altitude) data has been made available for the given geography by the US Geological Survey (USGS). Bird’s Eye View greatly improves situational awareness by providing oblique (not overhead) views of incident locations. For example, while the image on the top below leaves some ambiguity as to the precise origin of this multiple round gunfire discharge, the Bird’s Eye (oblique) imagery on the bottom clearly shows a ShotSpotter Flex alert of multiple rounds originating from the roof of the two-story building in the middle of the screen. (These images are of the same incident, thus demonstrating the value of Bird’s Eye, or oblique imagery.)

shown above: Overhead (orthogonal) Imagery


shown below: Bird's Eye (oblique) Imagery


  • Improvements were made to the Incident List display so that incidents which were initially ambiguous in nature but subsequently determined to be non-gunfire (most commonly when additional sensor data subsequently became available) are no longer alerted or displayed to customers.

Incident & Reports Portal

  • Bird’s Eye View is also available to all customers in the I&RP, as shown in the image below, showing the incident as having originated on the front lawn near the driveway of the house on the corner:

Updated Components

ShotSpotter Flex Server (build tagged 2012.2.3.20820)

ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console (console displays build 2012.2.3.20820)

ShotSpotter Flex Reviewer Console (console displays build 2012.2.3.20820)

ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal (portal displays build 2012.2.3.20820)


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