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Release 2011.2.1

  • Release Date: January 03, 2012
  • Version: Alert Console: 2011.2.1.26621 Incidents & Reports Portal: 2011.2.1. 26629 Reviewer Console: 2011.2.1.26606 System Profiler 2011.2.1.69
  • Upgrade Window: January 01, 1970



Release Description
Release 2011.2.1 of the ShotSpotter Flex cloud infrastructure includes the new Incident & Reports Portal which provides users comprehensive access to past incident history, reports, and the ability to export audio or incident data. Another new tool, the System Profiler, allows customer IT professionals and SST personnel to analyze a customer’s computer in place and confirm whether it has all the necessary software pre-requisites to run any of the several ShotSpotter Flex consoles. Release 2011.2.1 also includes upgrades and fixes to known issues in Release 2011.2’s Alert Console and Reviewer Consoles.

  1. ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal (displays build 2011.2.1.26629)
  2. ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console (displays build 2011.2.1.26621)
  3. ShotSpotter Flex Reviewer Console (displays build 2011.2.1.26606)
  4. ShotSpotter Flex System Profiler (displays build 2011.2.1.69)


New ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal
The new Incident & Reports Portal, shown below, allows customers to review past incidents in a read-only mode, play and download audio for incidents, search for incidents using complex filters, generate both pre-formatted and downloadable reports, and also download incident data in CSV format for use in outside software, such as Microsoft Excel® or ESRI ArcGIS®.

Search for, Filter, and Query Incidents
Users can search for incidents across one or more sources to which they have been granted access. (For example, customers with multiple independent coverage areas can run queries across multiple areas.) Complex queries can be built just by filling in multiple fields:


Review Incident Audio, Sensors, Comments, and History
Audio and sensors involved in any given incident can be retrieved, as can the entire history of comments and reclassifications:


Print and Save Reports
Any single incident can be printed in a detailed incident report, and any list of incidents from a single coverage area (resulting from, for example, a complex filtered query) can be printed as an incident list report, along with maps showing all incidents. Before printing, users can reposition and zoom the map to fit their needs.


Export and Download Incident Data
Finally, users can download data directly out of our application and use them for your own analyses, whether in Microsoft® Excel®, ESRI® ArcGIS®, or some other analytics package. Click the “Export” button on any incident list report. The downloaded file contains all the information necessary to plot and analyze incident locations (precise latitude/longitude), number of rounds, and street addresses. Beats and Districts will be included if customers have provided these geographic boundaries to SST. The file is a Comma-Separated Values (.CSV) text file, commonly used by crime analysts and statisticians.


New System Profiler
IT professionals and SST Support can use the new System Profiler on any computer on which you wish to install new ShotSpotter Flex software. The System Profiler runs a series of tests, reports the results to the user interactively, and then walks the user through the process of uploading the results to SST. These test results inform IT professionals or SST Support of changes that may be necessary to local security policies, network access rules, firewalls, etc., browser or other plugins, as well as potential operating system updates to Microsoft software which may be required.


Installing the New Software
Please contact SST Customer Support for the download links to:
  • System Profiler
  • Incidents & Reports Portal
If you have any difficulty, SST Customer Support can assist you with installation, if you desire. (Please refer to the Support section below for information on how to reach SST Customer Support.)

Automatic Upgrades for ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console
Customers running version 2011.2 of the ShotSpotter Alert Console will automatically receive the new version upon the next launch of the software. The software will be downloaded and you will be asked to close and re-open the application. When the upgrades are complete, the version number in the lower right-hand corner of the software will be updated.

Comprehensive online help is available for the ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console and the ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Review Portal under the Help menu.
System Requirements
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP® or Windows 7®
  • Microsoft Silverlight® 4 or later
  • Internet Explorer 6 or later, operating in 32-bit mode
  • XGA (1024x768) minimum display resolution, UXGA (1600x1200) recommended
  • 1.6GHz Processor
  • 512Mb RAM required; 1Gb RAM recommended
Network & Authentication Requirements
Full requirements can be verified by the System Profiler. The following is a short list of important requirements. See the System Profiler for full requirements:
  • 256kbps/second minimum network bandwidth; 1mbps recommended
  • Clients require network connectivity over TCP ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) to,,,, and for content types text/html, text/xml, application/javascript, image/jpeg, image/png, audio/vnd.wave, and audio/mpeg.
  • A username and password will be provided by SST personnel and is required for login

SST Customer Support is available to all customers with valid Flex support contracts. You may contact SST Customer Support:
By Phone:
Phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please contact our support team during these hours at: +1-888-274-6877 x4.
By Email:
Email Please include as much detail as possible.

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