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New “Zero Downtime” Upgrade Process; Improved Flex Installation Experience

  • Release Date: June 25, 2012
  • Version: Flex Server: 2012.2.2.20824 Alert Console: 2012.2.2.20824 Incident & Reports Portal 2012.2.2.20824 Reviewer Console: 2012.2.2.20824
  • Upgrade Window: January 01, 1970

Introducing Our New "Zero Downtime" Release Process


Based on customer feedback, SST, Inc. has developed a new "zero downtime" release process. Today"™s release marked our first release under the new process. Starting today, upgrades to customer Flex software will be made on a "zero downtime" basis whenever possible, meaning that no scheduled downtime will be necessary, and your use of the Flex system will not be interrupted while upgrades to your Flex software are downloaded. All Flex console software applications run as fully-secured Microsoft Silverlight "Out-of-Browser" (OOB) applications. Upgrades will be detected automatically as soon as they become available and will be automatically installed the next time you launch the console. Downloads are very small (< 2.6MB for the Alert Console; 2.1MB for the Incident & Reports Portal). We plan to deliver as many future upgrades as possible using the "zero downtime" release process, although some upgrades may still require scheduled downtime. We will continue to make Customer Bulletins such as this available by email as soon as upgrades are available as well as posting them to the Product Updates section of the main ShotSpotter website.

Automatic Upgrade Notification

Your ShotSpotter consoles will notify users automatically of the available upgrade:

When this message is displayed, the user needs only to close the window and relaunch the console. The upgrade process is automatic and otherwise transparent to the user. The new version number will be displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the console. After today"™s Zero Downtime upgrade, the version number will read 2012.2.3.20824.

Release Description

This release delivers an improved installation experience and new installation URLs for the Flex client applications. The new experience provides step-by-step guidance and reminds users to run the Flex Compatibility Checker utility before continuing, so that they can confirm whether a new computer will support the full Flex functionality. (See the Compatibility Checker section below for details about its function.) The new installation pages also provide links to 24x7x365 Live Chat assistance for users having difficulty or requiring assistance, as well as telephone and email support options.

Improved Installation Process

The new process to install or manually update either the Alert Console or the Incident & Reports Portal for ShotSpotter Flex is shown below:

Step 1

Running the Compatibility Checker is optional but highly recommended. When done, just check the "I have completed the Compatibility Check" button. If you have already run the check on this computer, or wish to proceed without doing so (not recommended), you can just check this checkbox. No verification is performed. As soon as you check the checkbox, a button appears allowing you to proceed to step 2:

Step 2

Installing either or both Flex consoles (the Alert Console or the Incident & Reports Portal) can now be done from a single screen, as shown below. (For administrators who wish their users only have the option to install one or the other, we still offer special URLs with only the Alert Console or only the Incident & Reports Portal"”see the URLs section below.)

After Installation

After installation, the buttons automatically update to indicate that each console is installed. Users can immediately tell whether a specific console is installed or not simply by visually inspecting the screen. The before and after images are shown below:

  Ready to Install Already Installed
Alerts Console
Incident & Reports Portal

Installation URLs

For security reasons, we do not publish installation URLs on our public website. Please contact SST Customer Support and request the full Customer Bulletin, which contains a list of installation URLs.

Flex Compatibility Checker


IT professionals and SST Support can use the Compatibility Checker on any computer on which you wish to install ShotSpotter Flex software. The Compatibility Checker confirms that a given computer meets the Flex System Requirements by running a series of tests, reports the results to the user interactively, and then walking the user through the process of uploading the results to SST. These test results inform IT professionals or SST Support of changes that may be necessary to local security policies, network access rules, firewalls, etc., browser or other plugins, as well as potential operating system updates to Microsoft software which may be required.


End-User Access to Compatibility Checker

To access the Compatibility Checker, access any Flex installation page (see above), or use a web browser to manually navigate to The Compatibility Checker will instruct you on how to use it and upload the results back to SST. The results will also be displayed on screen and act as a guide for updating any system software on the PC before continuing with other installations. You will need Power User or Local Administrative access to your Windows PC in order to perform all of these tasks. (These permissions will also be required to install but not to upgrade the ShotSpotter Flex client software.)


Updated Components

  1. ShotSpotter Flex Server (build tagged 2012.2.3.20824)
  2. ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console (console displays build 2012.2.3.20824)
  3. ShotSpotter Flex Reviewer Console (console displays build 2012.2.3.20824)
  4. ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal (portal displays build 2012.2.3.20824)





SST Customer Support is available to all customers with valid ShotSpotter Flex Support contracts. You may contact SST Customer Support:

Via Live Chat

From either the ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console or the ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal, look for the chat links:

or by following this link in any web browser:

Via Phone

Phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please contact our support team during these hours at: +1 (888) 274"“6877, then dial option 4.

Via Email

Email Please include as much detail as possible so we may better serve you quickly.

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