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Hotfix 3 to Release 2011.2.1

  • Release Date: January 11, 2012
  • Version: Flex Server: 2011.2.1.Build3 – Hotfix 3; Alert Console: 2011.2.1.33168; Incident & Reports Portal 2011.2.1.33176; Reviewer Console: 2011.2.1.33156
  • Upgrade Window: January 01, 1970

Hotfix Description

This hotfix completes the work started in Hotfix 2 and permanently fixes the intermittent issue found only at one of two SST hosting centers in release 2011.2.1 in which Reviewers are unable to “acknowledge” any incidents and thus capture them for review.  No customer data (or incidents) were lost as a result of this issue.  SST Customer Support has manually notified customers of any incidents which did not automatically notify.  This hotfix fixes the root cause software issue and also assures that the SST server infrastructure will recover more cleanly after being reset.  It also addresses a minor display issue for SST Reviewers.

Issue Details

The underlying cause has been determined to be the configuration of certain Microsoft-produced workflow framework software.  The code has been replaced with new code which implements a proper configuration of the workflow environment.

Hotfix Window 

The hotfix will be applied on a zero-day basis, at 0930 PST on 11 January 2012.  Upon their next login, customers will automatically be notified of, download, and automatically install new versions of the Alert Console and Incidents & Reports Portal, and SST Reviewers will receive a new version of the Release Console.  It is recommended that customers currently logged in manually close and restart their applications, thus forcing the automatic update.

Updated Components

  1. ShotSpotter Flex Server (build tagged 2011.2.1.build3 – hotfix 3)
  2. ShotSpotter Flex Alert Console (console displays build 2011.2.1.33168)
  3. ShotSpotter Flex Reviewer Console (console displays build 2011.2.1.33176)
  4. ShotSpotter Flex Incident & Reports Portal (console displays build 2011.2.1.33156)


SST Customer Support is available to all customers with valid Flex support contracts.  You may contact SST Customer Support:

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Phone support is available Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Please contact our support team during these hours at: +1-888-274-6877 x4.

By Email:

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