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Best Practices Webinar: Addressing Liability Risk Through Technology - Event Postponed

Join us for a best practices webinar discussing how your organization can reduce active shooter risk through technology. Guest speaker Andy Goldblatt, Risk Manager from UC Berkeley will share his successes with his own safety programs on his campus. Moderated by SST, Inc. Damaune Journey, VP of Security Solutions.

Event postponed new date will be posted soon.

While the annual cost of gun violence in America exceeds $229 billion, most organizations and universities don’t think this directly impacts them. However, shootings happen and all too often at schools, colleges, and places of business. When an active shooter incident happens, it can have tremendous impact for years to come – this can include a negative reputation to thriving communities and businesses as well as create psychological damage to future generations. The economic toll for organizations can be costly.

So, what’s the best way to incorporate risk management strategies to protect your institution? What is the right approach?

Join us for this must-attend webinar where you will learn how a world-class university addresses risk management and has successfully integrated active shooter detection technology to mitigate risk.

You will learn:

  •     Key tactics to improve and update current risk management programs
  •     Best Practices for how to integrate an active shooter detection technology into your        risk management efforts
  •     Effective ways to engage your organization in the preparation for an active shooter threat

Guest Panelist : Andy Goldblatt, Risk Manager       
Andy Goldblatt has been the Risk Manager at the University of California, Berkeley since September 2011. He was Assistant Risk Manager from 2007-2011 and Litigation Coordinator from 2003-2007. His areas of specialty include litigation, administrative policy, travel, and student risk. Prior to entering the risk arena, he earned a meager income as a freelance writer.

Moderator: Damaune Journey, VP Security Solutions                      
Damaune Journey  leads SST’s Security Solutions business and is responsible for establishing a leadership position for SST’s SiteSecure and SecureCampus Gunshot Detection solutions, the first service offering designed to reduce active shooter impact on campuses and in critical infrastructure, buildings, utilities and transportation hubs. Passionate about new technologies, he is quickly becoming an expert in active shooter prevention strategies across North America.