World Leader in Gunshot Detection



  • SST launches the first-ever U.S. National Gunfire Index, the most detailed and comprehensive record available of illegal gunfire activity in cities across the U.S.
  • William J. Bratton, former police chief/commissioner of New York, Los Angeles and Boston Police Departments joins SST, Inc. Board of Directors
  • ShotSpotter granted its 32nd US Patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • ShotSpotter Flex gains rapid adoption by law enforcement agencies - large to small - nationwide as a critical component of comprehensive gun violence reduction initiatives
  • ShotSpotter granted its 26th US Patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office
  • SST relocates its Corporate Headquarters to Newark, California
  • SST and ShotSpotter continues being featured in major media outlets including New York Times, FoxNews, AOL

  • ShotSpotter, Inc. changes corporate name to SST, Inc.
  • SST launches ShotSpotter Flex, the industry's only hosted gunfire alert and analysis solution
  • US Patent and Trademark Office issues ShotSpotter its 25th US Patent

  • Ralph A. Clark named CEO
  • International business grows. Systems sold in Brazil and the United Kingdom

  • Acquisition of SECURES® Acoustic Gunshot Detection System from QinetiQ North America
  • Evidence captured by ShotSpotter GLS assist murder conviction in Los Angeles County

  • Listed as part of the AlwaysOn Global 250, a list of the hottest privately owned companies in technology
  • Presented Frost & Sullivan North America Product Innovation Award

  • Business grows in Midwest and Northeast United States. Systems deployed include Boston, Mass., and Bellwood, Ill.

  • ShotSpotter GLS deployed in the U.S. Capitol, Washington D.C.

  • Acquisition of Centurist Systems, developer of individual-worn acoustic sensors

  • FBI apprehends the notorious Columbus, Ohio freeway sniper using ShotSpotter system

  • U.S. Department of Justice purchases ShotSpotter system

  • USPTO issues ShotSpotter its first patent (#5,973,998)
  • ShotSpotter system deployed in Los Angeles County, Calif.

  • Redwood City, Calif., credits ShotSpotter technology with enabling them to "prevent gunfire crimes, deaths, and serious injuries from occurring."
  • The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) independent test of ShotSpotter technology found the system to be both accurate and effective, reporting that the ShotSpotter Gunshot Location System accurately detected 80 percent of test fire incidents inside the test coverage area to within 40 feet, with a median error of 25 ft

  • ShotSpotter founded
  • First deployment in Redwood City, Calif.

“Evidence from the ShotSpotter system and the city's public safety video cameras has been used in 'hundreds' of cases since it was first installed four years ago, often corroborating other bits of evidence or assisting investigators with solid proof of people's whereabouts.”


  • Deputy Chief,
  • Minneapolis, MN
“[ShotSpotter] is one of the most vital pieces of policing tools that any police department can have.”


  • Police Captain,
  • Montgomery, AL
“The more we expand [ShotSpotter], the more accurate it gets.”


  • Chief of Police,
  • Washington D.C.
“O ShotSpotter permite combater o crime com inteligência e facilita a integração dos diversos órgãos de segurança pública.”


  • Prefeito de Canoas,
  • Jairo Jorge (PT)
“We were getting things like 'in the backyard, ten feet back'. That allowed us to collect shell casings, evidence and also to respond very quickly to an incident where shots were fired.”


  • Chief of Police,
  • Gary, IN
“We get there sooner, which means we're more likely to catch the person responsible. For an injured person, it can be the difference between living and dying.”


  • Former Chief
  • Washington D.C.
“We saw, in the first 30 days, a 30% drop in complaints of shots fired.”


  • City Council Member,
  • Minneapolis, MN
“[ShotSpotter] is one of the most vital pieces of policing tools that any police department can have.”


  • Police Captain,
  • Montgomery, AL
"We are creating omnipresence in the minds of the criminal community, which means they think the police presence is anywhere and everywhere."


  • Police Detective,
  • Saginaw, MI
"[ShotSpotter] is like having extra patrol officers on the street."


  • Mayor,
  • Rochester, NY
"Now when we pull up on a scene, we have 100 percent knowledge if there was actually a shot. It makes your approach different."


  • Chief of Police,
  • Washington, DC

ShotSpotter Flex

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