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Service Operations Specialist

Position Description:
Police and law enforcement agencies from around the globe are using ShotSpotter from SST, Inc. to provide real-time information about gunfire, enabling a more effective response to gun violence.  The information also provides law enforcement with a more complete picture of crime so they can better protect their personnel and communities.  When gunfire occurs outdoors in an area covered by ShotSpotter sensors, software triangulates and pinpoints the precise location of each round fired within seconds.  Detailed incident data is immediately sent to SST’s Service Operations Center, where our gunfire and acoustic experts further analyze the data, qualify the incident and send a validated alert to the emergency dispatch center serving that specific location.

Position Duties:
The Service Operation Specialists will have the following duties:

Primary duties:
• Review incidents, qualify incidents and send alerts to customers
• Review sensor status and report down sensors/base stations
• Record information in Salesforce for actions completed
• Interact with customers via the Chat function to answer questions or triage information for the appropriate personnel
• Resetting customer passwords
• Completion of Crime Alerts and Marconi’s for customer cities
• Service assurance
• Knowledge and direction for Siren and Flex functions
• Other duties and projects as assigned

Secondary duties:
• Triage Salesforce cases
• Reviewing missed incidents and searching for audio for customers
• Location Server restart and sensor pinging
• Remote server and sensor monitoring
• Direct contact with customers about questions or concerns
• Troubleshooting
• Completion of reports as assigned

Position requirements:
• Self-starter with a proven track record in customer service
• Bias to making those around you successful and are comfortable working as a team player and mentor
• Proactive and able to anticipate customer needs and requirements
• Contribute to building and maintaining a positive, can-do, high-performance culture
• Willingness to learn new things and go above and beyond
• Knowledge of Salesforce and customer relationship management technologies in general
• Familiarity with MS Office Suite including Word and Excel
• Excellent writing skills
• Ability to follow written processes and work flow
• Cool under pressure
• Some knowledge of bug tracking tools such as JIRA
• Some knowledge of online tools, social media sites, intranets, wikis, etc
• Passionate about and committed to customer service
• Due to the nature of our work, the ability to hear and listen to audible notifications is required, thus excellent hearing and ability to concentrate
• Be able to work rotating shifts including evenings, nights, weekends and holidays
• Be generally available for short notice call-back
• 1-3+ years of work experience in a related or applicable field

Location: Newark, CA Headquarters
Reports to: Incident Review Center Manager

The company reserves exclusive right in its sole discretion to modify, adjust, delete, add or otherwise change the above at any time.